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Well-being Retreats in Scotland

Women's Winter Mental Health Recovery Retreat 8th December 2023

Loch Duntelchaig, Highlands

Retreat Details

An intimate catered four day retreat programme full of connection, healing and embodiment at a stunning property overlooking Loch Duntelchaig. 


Who is the retreat for? 


The retreat is for anyone aged 18 and over who is looking to improve their well being. It is particularly helpful for those who have experienced difficult life events or trauma.  It will help you heal from stress, trauma, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem and low-mood. 

Programme Activities 

 Our transformative wellness retreat, carefully curated to promote mental health recovery and rejuvenation. Each day, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation through a thoughtfully designed itinerary. Mornings begin with mindfulness sessions, where you'll learn to embrace the present moment, cultivating inner peace and mental clarity. Restorative yoga follows, allowing you to surrender to gentle postures that release tension and restore balance. In our empowering group therapy sessions, share your stories, connect with others, and find support in a safe and nurturing environment. For the adventurous at heart, cold water immersion awaits, offering a rush of endorphins and a newfound sense of vitality. We understand that healing takes time, so we've set aside ample free time for you to rest and recharge as you desire. Remember, all activities are optional, but we encourage you to join in, as together we can harness the full benefits of this transformative experience. Trust in the process, and allow our retreat to guide you towards a path of mental wellness and renewed vitality.


Benefits of the Retreat 


You can expect to leave the retreat rested, stronger emotionally and with a greater sense of self. We encourage our attendees to connect with what's important to them and rediscover their own ability to heal and move forward. We hope you forge supportive relationships, leaving feeling connected to others, with a sense of belonging.

There are limited spaces available to ensure we can look after everyone's needs and facilitate a safe, nurturing environment.​​


A picturesque and peaceful location, 3 miles from the famous Loch Ness- hand-picked to promote a blue mind meditative state, and plenty of opportunity to rest and recharge. Loch Duntelchaig is just to the southwest of a small hamlet called Dunlichity. It is approximately 12 miles from the city of Inverness, making it easily accesible to travel to by air, train, bus and car.

The Venue

House Front_edited.jpg

The retreat is held at The House by the Loch, a stunning, modern, private property overlooking Loch Duntelchaig. Loch Duntelchaig is surrounded by expansive forest, freshwater lochs and rolling hills. Set in quiet countryside area with plenty of outdoor space. It allows us privacy and most importantly, peace. 

Nourishment at the Retreat

Three balanced, nutritious meals a day, plus snacks and unlimited drinks.

Our Food Philosophy

An abundance of food will be presented on a beautiful oak table for us to share a feast. Sharing a feast together fosters a sense of connection, belonging, and joy among individuals. Engaging in conversation and laughter during the feast helps alleviate stress, as it releases feel-good hormones and reduces feelings of loneliness. We build a sense of community and support, creating a space where everyone feels valued and heard. In this shared experience, we find emotional and physical nourishment, contributing to improved mental well-being and a sense of overall happiness.

All our food is nourishing, balanced and plentiful. Breakfast will be unlimited and will include a range of cereal, toast, pastries, fresh fruit, vegetables, chia seed bowls and smoothies. Lunch will be three courses, which will consist of canapés, salad buffet and dessert. Dinner will consist of three courses to nourish your body; a starter, main and dessert. 

Fresh Vegetables for Sale

We are delighted that the food is being provided by Good Highland Food. They are a family-orientated, highly respected company that produces fresh, gourmet, healthy food using local Scottish produce. They make use of local producers such as Duncan Fraser Butcher in Inverness, Spey Fruit, Cairngorm Leaf and Bean and Malcolm Fraser Fish and Game, to name a few. They are committed to operating in a sustainable way, using seasonal and sustainable produce, promoting menus with vegan and vegetarian foods and minimising food waste.

Sample Dinner Menu

Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Chilli & Coconut Soup


Roast Loin of Morayshire Pork with Prune & Red Wine Sauce. Served with Seasonal Vegetables.


Chocolate Torte Served with Orange Mascarpone Cream

Why our retreat is special

What sets our retreat apart and makes it truly special and unique is the perfect blend of expertise and care brought forth by our experienced and qualified hosts. Organized and led by a HCPC registered Psychologist specializing in evidence-based trauma therapy, our retreat ensures that each participant receives expert guidance and support throughout their journey of healing and self-discovery. In addition to trauma therapy, our team includes seasoned teachers well-versed in yoga and other Eastern practices, fostering a holistic approach to well-being. The shared experience of group connection with like-minded individuals creates a supportive and nurturing space, where everyone feels understood and valued. Together, we embark on a transformative and profound retreat that embraces the mind, body, and soul, leaving each participant with a renewed sense of purpose and inner harmony.

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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Meet the Team

Introducing Katie McInnes and Donna Youngson

How do I book?


Book a Discovery Contact

This is a chance to discover if the retreat is a good fit for you and meet the organiser. 


Complete the Booking Form 

Complete the booking form and pay the £300 deposit to secure your place. 


Schedule a 1:1 session

Book your free 30 minute 1:1 psychology session with Dr Katie McInnes in person or online. 

The Investment

Prices are all-inclusive of food, accomodation and activities (subject to change). Our early bird options are as follows:

Double Room.jpeg

Superking bedroom

Enjoy a relaxing stay in this comfortable super king size bedroom with ensuite. Provides stunning views of the Loch and mountains. You can spread out and have your own space, allowing you a peaceful rest.

 £1289pp single occupancy

Twin Room.jpeg

Shared Twin Room

Enjoy a comfortable modern shared bedroom with stunning loch and mountain views. A perfect choice that will encourage connection with like minded people.

£1099 per person

Shared Triple Room

Our most affordable and sociable option. Enjoy a comfortable single bed in a shared triple room. Modern and clean, with simple decor that will help you unwind.

£895 per person

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